12pm-1pm: “The Benchwarmers”

Description: A sports talk show hosted by Brad Ross and Ian Yocum. Join us as we talk about everything from the Royals and Chiefs, to what’s happening here on UMKC. Listen live for hot takes and crazy sports predictions

2-3pm “Log-Rhythm” by Logan McCormick

Description: It’s a music/current events/ lifestyle show. Real relaxed.


11:30-12:30pm “Find The Destination” hosted by Aminah Muhammad

Description: A show that is a sort of travel guide and sightseeing show, including but not limited to the city life of the Metro Kansas City area. Including events, like concerts, festivals, fairs and just general things that may get someone out their house or room. The show will have music but I’m not just mainstream music. To also add a component of appreciation for different cultures.

2-3pm “I Can Relate” hosted by Brandon Gibson

Description: On “I Can Relate”, we talk about many subjects that many of us can relate to, especially for being a college student and an “adult”. We share funny and personal stories and experiences as we talk about these topics such as temptations, sexual identity and dealing with  fake friends just to name a few. Through these topics, we will discuss different ways and tips on how you can deal with these different experiences while still being you. The motto of this show is “finding relatable situations even in our differences”.

6-7pm “Our Roaring 20s” hosted by Jazmine Clark Cohost: Laura Kozak & Jessica LeMay

Description: Topics range from dating, careers, mental health, entrepreneurship and so much more. We will be keeping it 100% real and most importantly we want to leave you hopeful and inspired. We’re all in this together. You can reach us on Twitter with your questions and comments at @JazzzSauce



12-1pm “The Makayla Simone Show” hosted by Makayla Simone Harris
Description: The Makayla Simone Show is a one-hour radio talk show designed to showcase entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and leaders who are living their success on purpose. Host Makayla Simone will give discussion topics and interviews that will challenge leaders to execute their vision, dreams and goals. 


 No Show Dates


3pm-4:30pm: “Shady 2.0”  hosted by ShaeFromTheLou & Ju Soul

Description: Tune in to get your life with hot topics, real talk, good music and all the tea!

5pm-7pm: “Rooland” with Roland

Description: The Show that take you around the World Musically. Information from all corners of the global as we end our trip in the Caribbean, while focusing on the UMKC activities, sports, events and student opportunities.



No Show Dates


No Show Dates

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